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HowTo - Unnatural Haircolor by ungodubiquitous HowTo - Unnatural Haircolor by ungodubiquitous
I really don't condone self-hair coloring, especially with bright, crazy colors unless you are either a stylist, know what you are doing, or have somebody that knows what they are doing on hand. My mom is a stylist and I know my shit about hair, and I plan on becoming a cosmetologist. While, like I said, I don't condone doing it yourself, I know a lot of people will try to do it themselves anyway and end up with, frankly, a mess so I've compiled a tutorial to help those that want the bright, unnatural hair colors without spending hundreds of dollars at salons.

1. Gather all of your preliminary supplies. I'm using Wellite on-the-scalp powder lightener, a 1-to-1 combination of 20 and 30 volume peroxide, a mixing bowl, a color brush, a rat tail comb, and a butterfly clip.

2. Part your hair according to what parts you are going to color. I'm only doing a chunk of my longer hair, so I'm separating it with the tail of the comb and clipping at away from everything else.

3. Measure out your lightener. If you're using this on the scalp, be sure it's SAFE FOR USE ON THE SCALP. You'll burn your skin if it's not.

4. Mix in your peroxide. I use creme because I think it's less messy than liquid, but it all depends on preference. It's pretty much always one part powder to one part liquid. Use whatever your hair color requires. Light/medium blonds will likely only require twenty to lift to pale yellow/white, light/medium brown will likely require thirty, and dark brown I suggest doing one bleaching using thirty to get it as light as you can, waiting a few days, and bleaching it again with either twenty or thirty as needed. You could use forty volume, but I wouldn't suggest it, especially not on ethnic or fine hair. Thicker hair can probably handle forty, but be especially careful for forty volume peroxide. My hair is dark blonde, so I'm using a mix of twenty and thirty to get about twenty five. It shouldn't be too thick, but it shouldn't be runny either.

5. Prepare your work station. Cover EVERYTHING in towels and get gloves on, or you'll burn your hands.

6. Apply it first to whatever parts of your hair is darkest. I've got roots, so I'm applying it there first. Let it sit until it's lightened about halfway to where you want it.

7. If you've got another section of hair you /don't/ want bleached, cover it in conditioner. This won't allow the bleach to get on it.

8. So one of the pictures in this is just the roots. Don't know why I put that there but w/e. XD Once the darker part of your hair is lightened to halfway where you want it, put bleach over whatever part of your hair has an unnatural color in it already. The hair under the color is still lightened, unnatural colors work more like a stain than a regular hair color. They don't bleach out the same way, and it's unlikely you'll get it out completely with bleach. Color stripper would work much better, I just happened to be out.

9. If it seems to be taking a long time, you can use LOW heat on it to speed up the process. Just keep a bottle of water [or leave-in conditioner, I prefer it just to try to minimize the damage of the bleach] on hand to moisten the bleach if it starts to dry out.

10. Wash out the bleach. Use a gentle shampoo, but don't condition yet. You don't want anything blocking your hair from absorbing the color. This is where things get a little different. If you were using a regular color, you would condition here because the peroxide in regular colors can strip away conditioner with fair ease.

11. Clean out your brush and bowl, or just use a different one, and pour your color into the bowl. I mixed mine with Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise and Electric Banana. It kills me to use Manic Panic, I would much more highly suggest Pravana because it's professional and the colors stay so much better, but MP is what I had available at the moment and I'm impatient. XD

12. Apply your color. If need be, cover it in aluminum foil. I've coated the hair I'm not coloring in conditioner again, so I didn't worry about using foil. Wrap your hair in a towel you don't care about or use a plastic hair cap. I like to leave my color in overnight, just to be sure it's absorbed all the way.

13. Rinse the color out the next morning. I like to skip shampooing and just use a nice, color-safe conditioner. I suggest getting a couple protein and moisture hair treatments from your local beauty supply.

14. Profit.

Hope this helps! Oh, also... I shaved off the side of the back of my head too, so that's all highlighter green as well. XD
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DaphfloconMojo Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Professional Artist

I have bought green manic panic to dye a little part of my hair.

I have already have half of my hair blond, so I don't have to bleach it.

I tested it today, only on a little part of hair, and the green doesn't show that bright... when I have to rinse, all the bright green that I want just goes away with the water... is there any way to keep the bright green in my hair?
ungodubiquitous Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
If you could post a picture of your blonde hair so I could see it, I'd probably be able to help you most then~
Is the part of your hair that you're doing green virgin hair, or has it ever been colored/bleached at all?
DaphfloconMojo Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2012  Professional Artist
It in an old picture, by my hair are still that way [link]

My blond as a bit of golden in it. I don't know if it can influence the result?

And yes, my blond part has been bleached one or two times before.
XXAnemia Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011
I've always done my own hair xDD
i think if you use common sense it can be done with no problem, but if people are gonna bleach their hair and leave it at orange and then try to dye it blue or something.... yeah, that's where you get the really badly done hair dye jobs xD

Some people just don't get that dye is transparent, it's not going to change your original color, whatever color they have underneath is going to show if it's not light enough when they dye it!

But i've done it pink, blue and purple on different parts of my head at once and still had it look professional D:
Electricshock01 Featured By Owner May 27, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome tutorial, I added red streaks to my bangs. this helped a lot, btw where do you buy Pravana at? Because right now I use Manic Panic.
Kurraann Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011   Photographer
I know how to do my own hair(: But this green is sexy. I must now do it~~~~~ I'm dying mine another shade of yellowish blonde and then turquoise and purple.
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